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General conditions for the usage of the server TennisPrediction.com

1. General part
Web TennisPrediction.com was setted up behind the purpose to help punters in guessing tennis matches as for visitors, who are interested about information from the tennis world. A user can display the statistics of one player or compare two players according to the various criterias of the selection. While it compares the players it automatically finds out the odds of the winning of one of the players towards the other one on the basis of the previous results according to the chosen criterias.

2. The protection of personal information and privacy
For personal information, which aren't going to be accessed by the third person, are considered: email and passsword of the user, which are noted during the registration and ip address, which is noted during the registration or during some visits of the user. Email serves for the communication of the Web Master and the user, the password serves during authorization for the given user, the ip address is noted in case of identification of the user for the reason of breaking the rules (conditions) for the usage of the server TennisPrediction.com or for the identification of the user in case of breaking the law. The other facts of the punter, which is his guesses, tickets and even other contributions of the user are reserved by the Web Master of the server TennisPrediction.com to be accessible to the public, that is to the third person. The Web Master is reserved the right to preventively control personal messages sent between individual users in the server TennisPrediction.com, behind t he purpose of securing order, fullfilling the conditions for the usability of the server TennisPrediction.com as for the fullfillment of the laws. The Web Master is reserved the right to send the registered user an advertising email, but a maximum of 1 during the course of 30 days. The user has the right to ask to cancel the sending of the advertising emails, which we're going to respect in all ways. For an advertising email isn't considered an email containing information about news on the server TennisPrediction.com. It is prohibited to send advertising messages, that is any other non requested messages in the form of personal messages.

3. Links on partner's pages
Links, which are addressed to other servers, beyond the server TennisPrediction.com have only an informative character and are suppose to help to orient the user while looking up for information, which the user requests. We can't guarantee legalization, correction, actuallity and security for the personal facts and for the other politics of the server for wich you address it to. In case you chose to move to the server to which you're addressing the link, you're taking that on the behalf of your own risk and the Web Master of the server TennisPrediction.com doesn't carry any responsibility for problems that may become or losses caused from the passage to this server.

4. Competition
The goal of the competition on the server TennisPrediction.com is to gain the highest number of points. The users with the most number of points in the given month in the competition win prizes by the actual list of prizes. With the purpose of securing the quality of the competition and the usability of the added guesses, we limited the maximal number of matches, which the user can add to its ticket for one match and the number of tickets, which the user can in one day add to 4 tickets, that is every user can in one day add an maximum of 4 solo matches. It is strictly prohibited to manifold registration and to compete under more logg in names in our competition. In case of finding out the manifold of the registration, the given user's account will be cancelled on the server TennisPrediction.com.

5. Picks on a player
The user, who has joined the competition, has a choice in the competition between two picks, pick: 1 and pick: 2. In case that the user betted pick : 1, he betted that that player will win, who is listed as home, and in case that the user betted pick: 2, he betted that that player will win, who is listed as guest.

6. Total odds
The total odds is stated as the odds abstract for the chosen tip of the given match.

7. Eventual (possible) win / eventual profit / eventual losses
The eventual win presents the hight of the result rate, the eventual profit presents the result rate reduced by 1 point and the eventual loss presents the loss of 1 point.

8. OK or KO ticket
The ticket is winning in that case, when the betted match ended the way the user betted.

9. Postponed / not played matches
Matches, which were postponed, more precisely weren't played for some reason are rated as the winning and odds for the given match is fixed to 1.

10. Retired matches
Scratched matches are rated as a loss for the player, who scratched the match.

11. Rating matches
Rating matches runs generally on the second day in the morning right after a played match, if the results of the matches are known.

12. Matches offer
The odds offer is updated generally in the morning hours. It is only in the decision of the Web Master, which matches he includes in the selection of the matches and which ratings he assigns in individual guesses for the matches, with effort he will show the average rate, which is calculated as the average from the rate abstract for the given guess in betting, which rates we file and for the given tip of the rate write out.

13. Annuling / fixing tickets, matches
The Web Master is reserved the right to pull the match from the actual selection without giving any reasons, to fix a mistankingly given rate, even on closed tickets belonging to users, that is to annul matches (rate it as the winning with the rating 1) even on closed tickets belonging to users without giving any reasons (but mostly because of the reason of a wrongfully given match, that is a non-existing match).

14. Cancellation of the account blocking access
The Web Master is reserved the right to cancel user's accounts, that is to block the access to the server TennisPrediction.com, without giving any reasons. In case of cancellation, that is blocking the account, there are no rights for compensation for the user.

15. Concluding appoints
The Web Master of the server TennisPrediction.com doesn't carry any responsibility for the correction and actualization of the displayed information, not even for the possible financial and different losses that came out from the usage of the server TennisPrediction.com. The Web Master doesn't carry any responsibility for the contributions, added by the users of the server (the responsibility for the individual added contributions carries the user, who added the given contribution). Information, which is displayed on the server TennisPrediction.com underlays the authorization law and any other spreading or publication of a part of it or the whole part of it without a represented written agreement by the Web Master is strictly prohibited.

16. One account / user
only one account per user allowed.