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bestmate #194 | 19.07.09, 13:43
This will be a interesting match, because Ms Safarova has played two top british girls. Anne Keothavong and Melanie South, who was losing 6-1 in the first set and 3-0 in the second set before retiring. The excellent Sybille Bammer who is a very good player and is right now Sunday 19 July 09, in the final of Praha, Czech Rep. For Kate O'Brien to win she has to put up a really great fight, but hope I am right because the stats say a Ms Safarova win.
andrew #110 this comment was added like a comment to a concrete match, to display the discussion for the given match click | 03.10.07, 02:50
I doubt that Hantuhova will face any problems in playing against a worse player like Safarova.Straight sets win.
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